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Vampire (Hunter) Thorn #16

Vampire (Hunter) Thorn #16 published on 5 Comments on Vampire (Hunter) Thorn #16

Callback to the very first Vampire Hunter Thorn page. (Way back in 2016, wow.)

Leif: Thorn, wait! You can bite me! I mean, that’s okay — I’m letting you do it!

You don’t have to be like — like that vampire before. I believe in you! I’m sure you could feed on me without hurting me!

Thorn: Oh, I know I could. I would make it so good for you.

Leif: Well, then, what’s the problem? Oh no, I might enjoy myself too much? You need to resist your monstrous urge to care about making me happy?

Every day I do things that aren’t fun at all, because I have to! Why can’t I have one thing in my life that I get to do because I want to??

Thorn: — Wait. When your “visitor” was over, I heard — Were you not enjoying yourself, then? Did you not want the —

— I will drain every drop of life from their body.

Leif: Thorn wait it’s not like that I swear so please don’t do any murders

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