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Vampire (Hunter) Thorn #20

Vampire (Hunter) Thorn #20 published on 3 Comments on Vampire (Hunter) Thorn #20

A mysterious new arrival! Who could this guy be?

Thorn (thinking): He likes me! He’s delicious, and he likes me!

Almost lost them. They’re only human-fast.

I’ll get away from the graveyard and find a place in town to hide . . . Where would Leif look for me–?

Thorn: . . . Uh, hello, stranger. I’ll warn you, you might want to keep your distance from —

???: Oh, no. It’s you who wants to be at a safe distance from me.


???: Aaaaugh!

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So we previously saw that Kale was part of the SECRET ORDER OF MONSTER HUNTERS (#10) and it’s implied they also take on other monsters… I bet he’s a werewolf from the fact he has yellow eyes and all of the vampires have red ones. Also the teeth. It’s not a full moon so he’s probably not going to transform but the rules here might be different?

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