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Vampire Hunter Thorn #5

Vampire Hunter Thorn #5 published on 3 Comments on Vampire Hunter Thorn #5

To be continued…?



Thorn: Leif?

Leif: Wh-who’s there? I warn you, I have a shovel and I know how to use it! . . . But I can also hit you with it!

Thorn: It’s okay — it’s just me — Thorn. Remember? I saved you from vampires that one time?

Leif: Oh! The hunter! I thought I’d never see you again.

Thorn: You said you wanted to repay me . . . is the offer still open?

Leif: W-well, yes, although not until I’m off work.

Thorn: Oh, good. Because I need your help.

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My guess?

Thorn The Very Nice details to Leif how to restrain him for safe transport to the Hunter’s Headquarters at Central. Once there, they will learn that The Hunters have a method for keeping skilled but ‘Infected’ Hunters in the field, fighting the good fight.

However, every Monster Hunter needs a handler… Something about having someone to ‘fight for’ makes the techniques more effective.

Thorn chooses Leif.

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