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Vampire (Hunter) Thorn #6

Vampire (Hunter) Thorn #6 published on 5 Comments on Vampire (Hunter) Thorn #6

When I did the poll about fan-desired Leif & Thorn fandom fusions, Hellsing went straight to the top of the results and pretty much stayed there.

…and since Leif-and-Thorn-as-Hellsing is the whole aesthetic of the Vampire Hunter AU, I figured that was my cue to bring it back.

Leif: I’m here for a beginner session, if that’s okay? My name is Leif.

Lulen: Hello, Leif! I’m Lulen.

Would you like the general self-defense track, or the “vampire hunter in training” track?

Leif: Definitely the general one!

Lulen: The key is control. Nobody will be glad you stopped an attack if they just get shot by you along the way. Sight down the barrel, aim for the center of the target, and fire.



Lulen: . . . well, I feel much safer knowing you’re not a vampire hunter in training.

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Oh, cool, we’re back to the Vampire Hunter AU. Oooh, a shooting range! Let’s see what happens-

Also, what were you using as the reference? From what I can tell you either used the Rohrbaugh R9, the Kel-Tec P-3AT, or the Kel-Tec P11.

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