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Vampire (Hunter) Thorn #7

Vampire (Hunter) Thorn #7 published on 20 Comments on Vampire (Hunter) Thorn #7

Leif: How did you get into vampire hunting, Lulen?

Lulen: A few years ago, I was rescued by this amazing, beautiful hunter . . . who eventually agreed to personally train me!

Leif: R-really? Tell me more. What was this hunter like?

Lulen: Oh, incredible. Skilled with a gun and a sword . . . Eyes full of determination, lithe muscles, reflexes like a cat . . . Long coat that blows dramatically in the wind . . .

. . . yes, the legendary Sigrún “Angel Wings” Større became my mentor!

Leif: Ohhh! For a second, I thought you might be talking about Thorn the Extremely Nice.

Lulen: Thankfully, no! Did you hear? He died attacking a vampire stronghold last week! I feel just awful for anyone who was close to him.

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Huh, Sigurn always struck me as being pretty pragmatic.

I think in this world, big flowy dramatic capes ARE pragmatic.

I’m not sure why but I’m sure it has something to do with… uh… Physics! And bats! YES, clearly you want a long flowing coat to make bats think you’re one of them so they don’t tell vampires about you!

Or, you know. Something like that in world.

Wow, never seen someone reach that far before.

Let me take a swing.
Sigrún here is clearly cast in the mold of Alexander “Angel Dust” Anderson(g). One of Anderson’s most well-known techniques is drawing endless amounts of handheld bayonets, sanctified talismans, and/or Bible pages from within his coat for combat, defense, and support. This may require a long, flowing garment to sew enough of the requisite magical/spelltech seals into the design to facilitate this technique.

Decent, though she could do the same with a combat vest or LBV.

What if they are not able to CREATE such garment and are using the coat because it’s what they have? Or what if the coat is actually some holy relics?

Plausible, thought there’s a ready presence of surplus stores in any nation regardless of the primacy of the military. Most obsolete military equipment still can give a cell of civilian or paramilitary hunters a leg up. As for rrelics, we still haven’t seen the efficacy. For all we know leeches in this AU are immune to holy relics.

There definitely is NOT a ready presence of surplus stores with MAGICAL hammerspace garments in any nation regardless of the primacy of the military.

I mean, my point was that they may lack the capability to add the “drawing endless amounts of handheld bayonets etc” magic into new piece of clothing and need to use existing garment with the magic already in.

I am a person who wears long coats, cloaks, and drapey clothes whenever possible. I can tell you that there is a difference in how the first two make you feel compared to the last one: long coats and cloaks that blow and billow nicely can make you feel like a real bad-A. Probably something psychological because your overall appearance has just doubled or tripled in size. A psychological edge is still valid because it gives you that extra boost of confidence and your opponent has (or may have) just the tiniest pause when confronting you, looking ENORMOUS.

Besides, you are forgetting the sword. You can conceal and/or pull out a gun in the combat vest, as well as other small, hand-held weapons from the vest you mentioned, true. But you can’t conceal a sword. Sigrun is not a heart sword user (though that may not be a thing in this AU), so the sword would have to go SOMEWHERE.

Lastly, long coats and/or cloaks are great weather protection, covering more of your body. Who says Sigrun wasn’t being practical when selecting this garment? If a hunter’s chosen prey is nocturnal, you can stay warmer with a longer garment that traps air as well as covers more of your skin.

It’s the cost-benefit analysis. How you look might work, but if you know you’re already the baddest motherfucker in the room how you look doesn’t enter into it. If your opponents are already faster and stronger than you there’s the threat of winding up getting hemmed by your own gear. Also, vampires are still human in intelligence. They aren’t going to get unnerved by a raincoat any more than the Red Court in Dresden Files are intimidated by Harry’s duster. They’re intimidated by what he can do, not what he wears.

Further, vampires are apparently common knowledge here. Why bother concealing a sword when you can prove you’re a vampire hunter and show that you know the use and purpose of the weapon? Further, a long sword is effective when you have room to use it. Against a humanoid opponent in close quarters a kukri or hatchet would be better. Hence, utilizing gear made for the purpose. Besides, if you’re in hand-to-hand with a vampire things have already gone tits up.

Finally, warmth can still be kept with layers and thick clothing. A thick jacket, a sweatshirt with thermals under the pants, both of which give infinitely less for an enemy to grab on. You’re right that, weather factoring, the long coat is good in inclement weather. Unfortunately, to get it off in a fight you need to either make sure you have the time to get it off or drop your weapons to lose the coat.

But we WANT the enemy to grab on. For DRAMATIC purposes. Sometimes real life practicality can just straight up get in the way of the Coolness Factor. These characters don’t wear outfits like this for their own benefit. Any character that tries to claim otherwise is deluding themselves, usually unintentionally because they have to think that way because Author Says. These outfits are worn for the benefit of the audience. They want to see long coats billowing in nonexistent wind, because it makes the character LOOK more powerful, thereby instilling a sense of power in the audience.

“We” is a very general word to use. You say real life practicality gets in the way of coolness. Why is that? Why isn’t it possible for real life stuff to enhance the coolness and drama rather than take away from it? Why can’t characters actually do stuff for their benefit rather than for the sake of a plot twist or dramatic turn?

Because people read fantasy and science fiction specifically because it is a portal into a world with mechanics that real life simply doesn’t have. Fantasy and science fiction are escapes from reality. Reality doesn’t have vampires or vampire hunters. It doesn’t have people with big broadswords and wearing their sunglasses at night (so I can, so I can). Big unrealistic flowing outfits or impractical fancy maneuvers add to the fantasy of “this world isn’t real, but wouldn’t it be so cool if we could do this? Look at this person doing something you never could in real life, and imagine yourself as them. Now you feel more powerful.”

I used “we” because there’s always going to be people that share my opinion, exactly like there are always going to be people who share yours. That doesn’t make either of them right or wrong. They literally can’t be. That’s the nature of the opinion.

Just because a weapon you have may be legal for you doesn’t necessarily mean you want the hassle of showing your permit to every cop you meet. This is probably especially true for a more exotic weapon.

Depending on how the whole vampire thing works in a particular world, there may also be shades of how much can you keep your prey guessing whether you’re one of them or a hunter. Vampires tend to go for such clothing, so someone who wants to blend in with them would also go for such clothing if blending in with them is considered possible.

Regardless of whether or not one can blend in with vampires, if you can keep the vampire from seeing that you’re a hunter without too much of a penalty, it’s probably better than not doing so. A wary vampire is probably not going to get too close to such a person if they know they could be a hunter (or, depending on how cut throat the vampire business is, possibly an unfamiliar other vampire), but not everyone is wary. Given the kinds of advantages vampires tend to have, I’d expect most of them would be pretty relaxed and confident most of the time, rather than wary.

A heavy coat can also work as a form of cloth armor. It may not protect as much from the normal sorts of weapons one encounters in a fantasy world, but it feels like I’m pretty well protected from something like vampire fangs when I’m wearing my trench coat. (This is, admittedly, not a long, billowy coat. It’s long, but it takes a pretty stiff wind to blow it around. Even jumping into a 5′ deep pit with a strong updraft wouldn’t get it to billow out like the coat Sigrun’s wearing there.)

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