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Vampire (Hunter) Thorn #8

Vampire (Hunter) Thorn #8 published on 4 Comments on Vampire (Hunter) Thorn #8

Leif: Thorn? Are you still here? I didn’t tell anyone about you . . . And I got a bunch of frozen pork blood at the store!

Leif (thinking): Will it be enough . . . ?

How much does a fledgling vampire need? I don’t even know if Thorn . . . fed . . . before tracking me down.

Leif: The sun’s down! It’s safe for you to come out now. Where are you?

Did you crash in the closet?

Take shelter in the shower?

Batten down under the . . .

Thorn: Leif! Sorry — did I scare you?

Leif: What? No! You don’t scare me! Where would you ever get that idea??

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