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Vampire Masquerade 13/66

Vampire Masquerade 13/66 published on 6 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 13/66

Violet: Listen, Rowan, you wanna talk about something else, go ahead. There’s plenty of interesting guests at this party — not just one famous author — and I know it can be boring when you got a person carrying on about a series you didn’t read.

Rowan: . . . It’s the third most popular saga in the Ceannic language. Of course I’ve read it.

Violet: Then how come —

Oh, I gotcha. You’re trying to hold back a ten-minute rant on some picky technical bit of worldbuilding that don’t make sense.

Rowan: Eh, it’s a fantasy series for kids. I can let stuff slide. Sure, the author clearly has no grasp of crystal physics, but that’s not as unrealistic as “whales” or the “stock market”.

Violet: . . . Are you one of those people who got so mad at the coda that it soured you on the whole series?

Rowan: I, uh, actually thought it fit all the themes of the narrative?

Violet: . . .

Your ship got sunk, didn’t it.

Rowan: Holger and Gertrud were perfect together! Why would Astrid Rødlund throw all that away to have him marry Viggo?!

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This is the local equivalent of Harry Potter, isn’t it? I’m with Rowan on the coda, but had no shipping troubles.

Question: how did we develop a stock market and they didn’t? What is the Ceannic economy like that they just didn’t think of it?

It depends on a couple things – like banking and transaction laws, definitions of limited and exigent liability, and, to some extent, faith in edifice; if, for example, there was a crash, comparable to the Great Depression in the US, it wouldn’t be unwarranted to decide that the stock-market as a whole was a poor idea, ESPECIALLY if either of the other factors did not allow the affected government to make some of the preventive requirements that stabalized the American markets afterwords (like FDIC insurance-equivalent, for example [yes, there are problems with it, big ones, but it supplies an assurance that grants additional faith in the system, which by its nature, is a major safeguard against certain factors that contributed to the original crash])

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