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Vampire Masquerade 14/66

Vampire Masquerade 14/66 published on 3 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 14/66

Juniper: No carriage?

Nasturtium: I took the train. Nasturtium Amande, no guests.

Juniper: Say, do I know you from somewhere? My name’s Juniper Sel. Ring any bells . . . ?

Nasturtium: Doesn’t sound familiar, darling . . . I suppose I just have one of those faces.

Juniper: Well, you’re on the list, so, welcome! You’re obviously not Sønheic yourself — are you a diplomat? Do you work in cultural studies?

Nasturtium: Oh, no . . .

. . . I won a “Meet the Author” contest off the back of a cereal box.

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Thorn…Is that you? bit of a wild mass guess, but…

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