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Vampire Masquerade 1/66

Vampire Masquerade 1/66 published on 7 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 1/66

The world “heathen” has religious connotations, so it isn’t a perfect translation for the Sønska word, but “barbarian” sounds a little too harsh. (Either way, Thorn doesn’t catch the subtext; he only recognizes that it’s one of the terms for “foreigner.”)


Sønheim Embassy: Cultural Exchange Celebration

An event to honor the contributions of Sønska art and culture to Ceannic society. All kinds of Sønska expats living in Ceannis are invited.

There’s an open bar.

Guest: Another glass, my boy, and step on it!

Guest: I tried to tell them “on the house”, but translated it as “at my house” . . .

Sven: Awkward!

Ragnild: Easy, Ketil! You can’t play with these visitors. Some of them are allergic to cute.

chatter chatter

blah blah blah

Thorn: I see you on the guest list, sir. Go ahead in!

Guest: You have passable Sønska for a heathen!

Thorn: That’s very kind of you, thank you!

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So where’s the line between cultural relativity and being a jerk again?

On the wrong side of this guy, that’s for sure.

I spent a summer abroad in China after studying Mandarin for two years and felt this a lot. Chinese people would say, in Chinese, “your Chinese is very good!” and I always got the impression that what they weren’t saying was “for a white person.” Especially after I learned that my American classmates of Chinese descent were criticized for speaking exactly as fluently as I was.

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