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Vampire Masquerade 16/66

Vampire Masquerade 16/66 published on 3 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 16/66

Holly: G-go in.

Astrid Rødlund: Driver, pull up, then stop.

How old are you, young lady?

Holly: T-ten and four! I – I love your sagas!

Rødlund: Aren’t you sweet! And I’m so glad the children from this country are seeking out wholesome, uplifting Sønska literature. You have excellent taste!

Holly: Thank you!

Holly (thinking): I didn’t follow all that Sønheic, but it was some kind of compliment! She’s so nice!

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Ten-and-four? First, tell me more about the Ceannic numbering system. Second, tell me about Ceannic labor laws.

Number system is the same as ours, base ten and everything. They just say them differently in the two languages, and Holly is doing a beat-for-beat translation (like how the French for “21” translates to “twenty and one”), which ends up sounding weird.

For Holly, this whole thing is defined as an educational program rather than a job. Teenagers who aren’t mages wouldn’t be in this educational track in the first place…and even for the teens who are, most of them don’t hit this level of study until a few years later. So she’s an unusual case.

…I should point out that there’s more adult-supervision and checking-in with her going on than has shown up in the strip so far. More on that, um, eventually.

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