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Vampire Masquerade 17/66

Vampire Masquerade 17/66 published on 5 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 17/66

Rowan: Bad news, Violet. Our author just arrived — through another gate.

Violet: Should’ve entered that cereal contest.

Thorn: Sorry, Hyacinth . . . you picked the wrong gate to picket.

Hyacinth: Aww . . . I mean — I’m here to protest, Uncle Thorn! I can do that at any gate!


Iona: Is she here yet, Ragnild?

Ragnild: Didn’t see her from the balcony. I’ll go look again in a minute.

Sven: The only place you girls are going is your rooms.

Iona, Ragnild: Dad!!

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Fans are fans in any world.

yep! thankfully, there weren’t any fan-atics this time…though the story is still young.

My question is will our hunter be willing to kill a human to destroy their target, seeing as the fans will probably get in the way somehow.

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