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Vampire Masquerade 20/66

Vampire Masquerade 20/66 published on 5 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 20/66

I know some people will be understandably wary at this point, so, just to be clear: yes, she’s trans; no, that isn’t part of a joke. Sven likes women, she’s a woman, and he would be seeing her through a sparkle filter no matter what.


Guest: The Ceanska students can be good with the grammar, but there’s no poetry in their souls, you know?

Sven: I can imagine.

Guest: You’re so lucky to work here at the embassy, where everyone can speak in a civilized language!

Nasturtium: Excuse me! Did you say you work here?

Sven: That’s right! I run the Cultural Services Division. Can I help you?

Nasturtium: Why, darling, you’re just the man I wanted to see!

Sven: I think you might be just the woman I want to see! . . . Who are you?

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I don’t trust any kind of immediate attraction that might be the result of familiar-looking pink sparkles in the background.

Besides, he is a dad, so I’m guessing he has a partner or spouse? Although maybe they have passed away. Or maybe he is in an open relationship, or a polyamorous one (do either of those exist in this universe?).

Open and/or poly relationships are definitely a thing. (You’ll see later on that Birch has three parents.)

Current backstory for Sven is that he was in a bad marriage and is now thankfully divorced. Although since it hasn’t become plot-relevant yet, I reserve the right to have a better idea.

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