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Vampire Masquerade 21/66

Vampire Masquerade 21/66 published on 4 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 21/66

Nasturtium: I’m here because I won the “Meet the Author” contest. On my own. Legitimately!

Sven: My division ran that contest! I can’t imagine a lovelier winner.

Let me be the one to introduce you to Miz Rødlund. I believe that’s her arriving right now . . .

. . . Yes, that’s her. Would you mind if we waited a few minutes? Give her some breathing room?

Not at all, darling. If a woman wants her space, she should have it.

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Is it me, or is our lovely contest winner (potential vampire assassin) reinforcing a spell of sorts?

I mean, the dialog on her part is almost chilfish, and I know Erin is a much cleverer writer so… a ‘suggestion’ style spell reinforced by her words?

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