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Vampire Masquerade 23/66

Vampire Masquerade 23/66 published on 4 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 23/66

Astrid Rødlund: Of course I’ll sign something for you!

And for your son. And your little niece. Your parents, too? Sure!

Your cousins like it? That’s so nice to hear . . .

I’ll even sign something for whoever’s behind me. If they’re polite.

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Looks like the leeches aren’t getting anything signed then.

Also, can someone give me directions? I wandered into the Night Vale area and can’t figure out how to leave.

Hopefully not.

…well, if you’re like me, you keep going straight ahead — weathering all bumps and p(l)otholes — until you reach the episode where the main character is suicidally depressed and nobody in his life, including his supposedly-sweet-and-good-representation-of-a-healthy-same-sex-relationship boyfriend, shows any sign of noticing or caring. Then you make a hard left and go screeching down the next exit directly to Nopeville.

To be clear, there will be earlier exits to Nopeville along the way, so you can also take any of them if you so choose =/

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