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Vampire Masquerade 27/66

Vampire Masquerade 27/66 published on 2 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 27/66

West Gate.

Protester #1: The undead 1% control over 35% of Sønheim’s wealth!

Protester #2: They get away with drinking the blood of non-volunteers, claiming they asked for it!

Thorn: Hyacinth, I love talking to you, but not listening to all your friends’ conspiracy theories. I’m cutting this off now.

Hyacinth: It’s not a conspi–

Thorn (thinking): Getting cloudy out . . . Maybe if it rains, the protestors will take off.

Hyacinth: It’s a system of institutional privilege! It can keep going without anyone secretly conspiring to hold it up!

The Embassy.

Astrid: So when my editors insisted that the Holger Saga‘s vampires had to be — They were secretly conspiring with you?

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