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Vampire Masquerade 29/66

Vampire Masquerade 29/66 published on 13 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 29/66

Officially dropping the “Nasturtium” tag and returning to “Secret Agent D.”



Imri: . . . but in the next chapter, we learn that the heroic vampire saved her!

Astrid: That sounds like . . . quite a plot twist.

Agent D (thinking): Oh, thank goodness . . . I don’t have to fight anyone before I can get out of this dress.

Imri: Also, he’s been sneaking into her room at night to watch her sleep!

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That sounds rather similar to the Twilight series.

As punishment for having possibly intended to write something unflattering about vampires before her editor intervened, they’re going to force her to write Twilight, thus sabotaging her career. Brutal.

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