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Vampire Masquerade 30/66

Vampire Masquerade 30/66 published on 4 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 30/66

The view from the Embassy residence.

Ragnild: That’s definitely Astrid Rødlund! And she’s practically right next to our wing! I can’t tell who she’s with. Wish I had a telescope, not just opera glasses . . .

You gotta go see her, Iona! Fly yourself down there. It’s your only chance!

Iona: My chair only hovers — it doesn’t go that high.

Ragnild: You never know until you try!

Iona: Ragnild, stop — I don’t think this is a good ide–





Iona: Uuuugh . . .

Agent D (thinking): That sounded like a child . . . But it’s not part of my mission unless (until?) the vampires get involved.

Guard: What was that yell?

Captain Sigrún: I’ll check it out.

Astrid: A mysterious noise . . . ?

Imri: Yes! Or, as us authors would call it, a “plot hook.”

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Yep, they’re siblings.

Also, I freaking knew these two were gonna screw up the hunter’s operation somehow.

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