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Vampire Masquerade 31/66

Vampire Masquerade 31/66 published on 5 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 31/66

Iona (thinking): Brr.

Okay, not hurt . . . the chair didn’t drop me far . . . I just hafta call it and get inside before anybody —

— notices me.

Imri: Hello, little broken bird.

You should be more careful not to fall out of your nest.

Stanczia: Some would say that makes you . . . fair game.

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I thought there was an age restriction? Provided our heroine wants to make that arguement. That’s if they volunteer, #2. #1 doesn’t apply either, though, because Iona’s not in the wilderness. … I think.

Don’t you dare eat the cute girl, you two!

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