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Vampire Masquerade 36/66

Vampire Masquerade 36/66 published on 5 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 36/66

Iona: . . . and did Hildegard’s dragon bite get better, after the last chapter?

Astrid: Not much. That kind of injury doesn’t heal easily.

. . . so she used a cane, and, sometimes, a chair that’s a lot like yours.

Iona: Wow! You know . . . it’s because of your writing that I wasn’t scared of the vampires!

Sigrún: There are vampires in this saga?

Iona: Haven’t you read it, ma’am?

Sigrún: I’m waiting for the musical to come out.

Iona: Well, Holger’s mentor explains how vampires try to scare you — but if you don’t show fear, they’ll respect your bravery, and won’t hurt you!

Sigrún: Does she, now.

Astrid: Well, it’s a fantasy saga . . . she also explains things like “whales” and “the stock market” . . .


Imri: If only she’d kicked! That counts as starting a fight, right?

Stanczi: Children are off-limits, no matter what. But you were right — the little ones are hardly worth it.

Now, let’s go find out if our main course is ready.

Imri: Lead the way, my dear.

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This is why you don’t wear dark glasses on night duty kids.

Seriously though, tho makes me wonder about the quality of personnel the embassy, and the Soenheim government as a whole, choose for their posts.

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