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Vampire Masquerade 38/66

Vampire Masquerade 38/66 published on 1 Comment on Vampire Masquerade 38/66

Agent D (thinking): Seems like I’ve lost them. Now let’s hope the embassy doesn’t give my targets any extra security. And they’ll probably assume the vampires can take care of themselves.

. . . Hey, this is cute. Maybe, when I’m off work, I can try it again without so many stray twigs . . .

Juniper: Stop!

Identify yourself.

Agent D: Who, me? I’m just an innocent party guest who got a little turned around . . .

Juniper: Nice one. Try again.

Agent D: Stealth gardener?

Juniper: Nope.

Agent D: Surprise kiss-o-gram for the Culture Minister?

Juniper: Well, I’ll give you points for originality . . .

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