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Vampire Masquerade 39/66

Vampire Masquerade 39/66 published on 6 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 39/66

Hey, look, it’s pre-transition Agent D…and pre-transition Juniper. (Plus an oblivious baby!Thorn.)


Agent D: I really am lost, darling, so if you wouldn’t mind —

Juniper: No, see, here’s your problem: I remember you. We applied to enter heartsword training at the same time.

Only a few of us passed the first screening, so I should have remembered you right away . . .

. . . but you were living as a guy back then, which threw me off. And you hadn’t started using the name Nasturtium.

–Unless that’s an alias?

Agent D: Oh my dear, yes, that was completely made-up. I picked a much nicer name. How about you? Did you stick with “Juniper”?

Juniper: Sure did. It was conveniently gender-neutral already.

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okay, to be honest, I thought Juniper was transgender male to female (hides shame). Doesn’t change my opinion of him, and honestly, it isn’t a big mental shift, but it’s interesting.

2 out of 3 intake being transgender is an interesting statistical spike – is there something about the service that attracts those dissatisfied with their original physical sex? (free transition enchantments, for example?)

Juniper is agender, so they’re basically female-to-neutral =)

The medical care does draw a fair number of trans people…but that one flashback panel isn’t exactly a representative sample.

True. It also occurred to me that, just because the three of them are the only “finished” people in the scene, it didn’t mean they were the only new people. Felt kind of dumb after that XD

also, thanks for the clarification! I’ll be careful with Juniper’s pronouns from here on out. I’m just striking out all over the place XD

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