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Vampire Masquerade 42/66

Vampire Masquerade 42/66 published on 15 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 42/66

Agent D: I did not “wash out” of heartsword training.

I got scouted . . . put in a separate group. . . and fast-tracked. So I’ll say this one more time:


Walk. Away. While you still have the chance.


Juniper (thinking): Frell. She has an axe. Who is she?

Juniper: Anybody nearby? I need backup! Help me!


Juniper (thinking): I am so screwed.

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Are axes impressive? I guessed non-sword/dagger weapons are rare, but axes aren’t inherently better or worse, weapon wise.
Traditionally, axes are desirable because they penetrate armor easier, with a wide, cleaving cut, thanks to their longer wedge (along with a relatively hefty blade behind the swing). However, given that all of these are magic weapons, and Thorn’s sword worked on dragon scale, they all penetrate pretty darn well, negating the normal impressiveness of an axe. Unless a heart’s axe can cleave a heart’s sword?

The form of a heartsword is determined by your personality. So Juniper isn’t scared of the axe per se…they’re scared of what kind of person D has to be, just to have a heartaxe.

She is at a problem that, unlike her sword, the axe is halfway at a proper length and thus she has a reach advantage.

Although, the shaft should be longer. Hell, if you can just pull weapons out like that, why not just store a pole-arm in there?

Well this is interesting. Either the hunters here are government, or the conspiracy is so deeply ingrained into Ceannis that they can pull such strings. Even more interesting, if they are government, is the purpose of the operation to destabilize the Sonska government by taking out the two most influential leeches, or by killing their propaganda mouthpiece.

It is possible, that D is a vampire hunter in their spare time, kind of a thing, but I will admit, your two conjectures seem more likely.

It’s possible they are trained for attacking vampires but it was their own idea to not wait for order and attack now.

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