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Vampire Masquerade 4/66

Vampire Masquerade 4/66 published on 15 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 4/66

Hyacinth (thinking): If I can’t cross the street, I’ll ping him from here.

Hyacinth: Uncle Thorn?

Thorn: Hi there, Hyacinth. What’s up? Are you going to tell me I’m a vampire apologist for doing my job at a party where they’ll be in attendance?

Hyacinth: No! That’s not it! . . . Although they are a privileged economic overclass that Sønheim needs to regulate more closely.

Thorn: They already put in a bunch of regulations after the immortals nearly destroyed their economy . . .

Hyacinth: And now those same immortals are trying to call it “the undeath tax” and get it repealed! Literally, the exact same immortals!

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So, when do we get to see the local vampire hunter underground?

Pfft, these vampires are respected members of the community, it wouldn’t be right at all to have a Secret Order of Monster Hunters determined to kill them…

Given the diversity of ethnicities already shown, and the lack of ethnic animosity, do vampires get the same pass or are they acceptable to hate?

Vampires are made, not born, so it’s a very different dynamic. You’ll see a whole spread of opinions about them as this storyline goes on….

Does becoming a vampire AKWAYS involve free will? Because if not, the difference between made and born is indifferent when in both cases control is not in the hands of the individual.

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