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Vampire Masquerade 46/66

Vampire Masquerade 46/66 published on 8 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 46/66

Embassy grounds.


Crystal: This is an automatic message…

…from the panic app of: Juniper Sel.


User is in danger from:


Violet (thinking): What I wouldn’t give for one of those fantasy “GPS” devices right now . . .

Crystal: Peril not specified!

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Well, you need satellites for GPS. Also, computers fast enough to measure distance by light. Is the speed of light even finite in your universe?

The speed of light is the same…although the speed of magic is theoretically unlimited.

Actually, if their gear is more magical, couldn’t they just teleport a series of crystals into the upper atmosphere to triangulate their position? Or even embed the crystals into the ground to at least get the positions depending on which crystals are closest?

Ooh, technical questions.

They do have ground-based positioning systems, and in a big city these provide coverage everywhere…except on the grounds of foreign embassies, for security reasons. Central’s wouldn’t work at the Sonheim embassy anyway, because of the different magical systems, same reason Thorn’s healing crystal didn’t work. (Communication still works for the knights’ crystals because they got a compatible spell embedded. It’s like having a Windows computer that can run one app on a Mac virtual machine.)

They don’t have physical teleporting. They do have some things in orbit — there’s a space telescope up there somewhere — but you can’t have magic run reliably that far from the planet. And because the ground-based magical positioning system covers the needs of most people, there’s no market for a radio-wave-based alternative to be profitable.

So this magical difference also prevents foreign powers and agencies from piggybacking then?

It makes it harder for one group to interfere with the other, at least.

There are only two different types, not one for each country — they’re geographical, basically “North of the Big Frickin Mountain Range” and “South of the Big Frickin Mountain Range.” They happen to be neatly divided across national lines (except for oases like the embassy here, which are artificially maintained) because nobody has ever managed to maintain a single country with the Big Frickin Mountain Range running through the middle of it.

…a better analogy might be electrical current. You can run a Southern spell in Ceannis or a Northern spell in Sønheim and have them both connect to the same Network, but if you try to run the Ceannic spell on Sønheim soil, it’s going to blow a circuit, so to speak.

Yep. Lightspeed only really matters to GPS as a range finding calibration (it took .00000x seconds to get the signal to satellite a, .00000y seconds to satellite b, and .00000z s to c. Solve for the location) – if you can triangulate off of three “things” and just flat out be told the distance to them, then you can GPS just fine from anywhere, assuming you can’t get a collision result (you can do it with 4 “things,” minimum, world-wide, using their call-signs to define quadrants, or just take all 4 distance measures each time)

Ah yes, the famous battle haircut. Probably one of the best ways to get a haircut, in my opinion.

(I hope I’m not overwhelming you with the amount of comments I’ve been submitting. I’m a huge fan of your Night Vale work, so I’ve finally decided to check out your more recent works. This series is very lovely and entertaining so far, and from the standpoint of a fellow writer and worldbuilder, I am impressed with how thought out the universe is! Hoping to catch up soon, as daunting a task it might be with the sheer amount of content.)

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