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Vampire Masquerade 48/66

Vampire Masquerade 48/66 published on 8 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 48/66

Imri: Do you mind? We’re trying to eat.

Stanczia: You can tell he’s one of the foreign guests. No manners.

That, and he looks like a drowned rat.

Leif: Thån . . . ?

Imri: Oh, this is cute. Are you friends with dinner?


Thorn: He is not your dinner. He is under my protection, and you are going to let him go.

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Erin…you mauled the cutie!
well. Indirectly.

I’m going to guess, rule 2: you have to ask for it? did they command him to ask for it? does that work? Or did our doof of a diplomat order him to ask for it?

I got called to dinner right after reading this and ran in shouting “Someone is attacking Leif!” My mom and brother were silent then both said “What.” at the same time, in the tone of someone who is totally used to this sort of thing but felt obligated to say something. (My dad was so used to it he didn’t even comment.) It was hysterical and slightly lessened the pain of this scene. Let this story do the same for others. *eyes shine*

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