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Vampire Masquerade 50/66

Vampire Masquerade 50/66 published on 20 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 50/66

Leif: Th-Thån, stop . . .

Leif (thinking): Why is he threatening them? They’re royalty!

It’s an honor to be chosen by them. And it’s not like they’ll kill me! That would be so disrespectful to the embassy.

Imri: Shhhh.

Leif: Mmph —

Imri: Don’t interrupt when the non-food are talking.

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I appreciate that [while being entirely NOT OKAY WITH], to Leif’s social dynamic, his life is of lesser concern than shaming the embassy, and that he has such faith in his world view that he’s certain that he will live, not because of his own value, but because of his perception of good manners.

I don’t necessarily think he’s incorrect in the estimate of the vampires vis good manners, since they have the same society, if in different bubbles, but if people don’t understand just how different Leif’s social norms are from ours after this strip, I’m going to throw my hands up.

So, WHY didn’t anyone think to explain all of this to the FOREIGN guards (knights)?? Is everyone so new to different thought patterns there, that it completely escaped thought that if Thorn and crew stumbled upon an “approved feast” there would be NO concept that lives were not being threatened? Lives that, btw, they believe they are sworn to protect? And, if the vampire “royalty” is really so well-mannered, then why the concern for the location/safety of the little girls? Who, by their parentage, I would think feasting upon (even without death) certainly would be seen as “disrespectful to the embassy”. And I got the impression that one of the vamps, at least, was truly considering it. Also, that everyone was AFRAID of it. Even Leif, come to think of it. He understood the concern for the little girls safety with respect to the vamps. So, what gives? Blood loss getting to him?

Given how different the two cultures are under the surface (re: Leif not having a concept (or word) for “free time” for example), I think it’s possible no one has thought to ask. this is a terrible failing for whatever anthropology unit was responsible for briefing Thorn and Co.

To be fair, the foreign guards aren’t supposed to be this far into the embassy grounds in the first place, unless they’re pursing an imminent threat. And nobody anticipated a threat that would conveniently lead one of the knights right past the vampires’ dinner.

It would be a diplomatic catastrophe if Thorn made an illegal attack on one of the guests. A catastrophe that the vampires would find hilariously entertaining. Which is why they’re baiting him instead of saying something like “it’s cool, this is sanctioned, you can put the sword down.”

Although, actually Erin, what’s up with everyone’s concern for the children, then? Are the vampires only “sort of” trusted, or what?

Vampires are treated with respect, deference, and extreme caution. Nothing will go wrong, probably, but it never hurts to be on the safe side.

It’s a little like how certain real-world politicians are handled…you’ll sign a treaty with Vladimir Putin, and shake his hand and smile for the photos, but you don’t leave him alone in a room with your journalists.

Um, one more thing; if the vampires feasting on a servant, who will NOT be killed, and who will (hopefully) fully recover, really IS legitimate, what damage will Thorn do to the shaky relations between the two nations by attacking here? Even in well intentioned, misinformed ignorance? Is that behind the vampires choosing to “play along”?
And, won’t Thorn’s niece be proud!

I just realized something. How do we know the vampires don’t want a diplomatic incident? As written they’re clearly in control of some major areas of Soenheim’s economy, and as such would probably be invested in arms and munitions, to say nothing if their pull in the sectors of the economy that support a war. As opportunistic feeders by nature, why wouldn’t they see a maximum profit to be made from a new war with Ceannis brought on by an incident in the embassy?

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