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Vampire Masquerade 5/66

Vampire Masquerade 5/66 published on 8 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 5/66

Hyacinth: I really didn’t want to talk about taxes. I want to talk about Astrid Rødlund — you know, the author? She’s Sønheic, but living in Ceannis, and she’s on the guest list for this event.

Thorn: . . . Do you want me to tell her she’s a vampire apologist?

Hyacinth: Well, I mean, the way her books treat vampires is so simplistic and lenient —

. . . but what I want is for you to try and get me her autograph!

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Hooooo-boy! She’s a plottin’ something! So, does her uncle have enough perspective to examine HER motives as well as he’d examine a strangers? Looking forward to seeing.

The difference between an autograph and a signature is just context, right?

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