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Vampire Masquerade 57/66

Vampire Masquerade 57/66 published on 9 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 57/66

Agent D: Obviously, there is no such thing as a Secret Order of Monster Hunters. Working in the shadows, defending the general public from dangers that cannot be addressed openly? Preposterous.

And we certainly do not carry out missions which are quite above your security clearance! The very idea.

Thorn: I take it you were not sent to covertly and illegally assassinate the two vampire guests here tonight.

Agent D: Not at all, darling! My, but you catch on quickly.

Thorn: Then there’s only one thing to do with you . . .

We’re letting her go.

Juniper, Violet: What?!

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Wait what? And you will just take her word for that?

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