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Vampire Masquerade 61/66

Vampire Masquerade 61/66 published on 2 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 61/66

Thorn: There’s a towel under the counter, in one of the drawers. You can use that if you want.


Hyacinth: Thanks! What did you leave the gate for?

Thorn: Classified.

Hyacinth: Hey, when you’re on guard here and you have to go to the bathroom, where —

Thorn: Also classified. Other than the weather, how was your protest?

Hyacinth: It was . . . okay! The rain ruined my handmade “Sønheim Policy Bites” sign. And a lot of people left early. Not even because they were getting wet! They took off as soon as it got dark!


Hyacinth: . . . and that’s probably Mom, wanting to know why I didn’t come home before it got dark.

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