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Vampire Masquerade 7/66

Vampire Masquerade 7/66 published on 11 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 7/66

Milestone alert: this is our 100th strip!


Holly: I’m not ready for a famous author to come by here! What do I say, what do I —

— oh, wow.

Vampire: Have we an invitation to enter?

Juniper: You’re . . .

Crystal: Recognized: Lady Stanczia Fågelson & Lord Imri Fågelson

Juniper: . . . on the guest list. G-go on in!

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Will you think less of me if I question why the sable unicorns have ivory colored horns?

No, but I will be pretty confused about where the rules of unicorn genetics would come from…

I was mostly thinking of ibex and rhinos, their horns are brown/black and grey respectively. Evolutionary theory suggests you’d want your horn to match your coloration for camouflage reasons, I figured the same rules would apply to unicorns. That said, there’s no reason someone couldn’t breed for that particular coloration, it just seems a little more unlikely than sable pelt with a sable horn.

Nubian ibex have tan bodies and grey-white horns…addax have tan horns on white bodies…oryx have black horns on white/brown bodies…I think it’s just luck of the draw that a few of them are more coordinated.

Besides, horses can have really striking contrasts between their manes and bodies…I’m sure some of that is breeding, but, hey, either way, no reason it can’t work on horns.

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