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Vampire Masquerade 9/66

Vampire Masquerade 9/66 published on 12 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 9/66

Holly: Why are they in Ceannis at all? They’re not diplomats. Not politicians. They don’t have to work, or study . . .

Juniper: Summer vacation.

[Map labels: Long Summer Days / Longer Summer Days / Can’t Remember What Stars Look Like]

The days get so much longer up north. Hard to be a bloodthirsty terror of the night . . .

. . . when you live in a place where the sun doesn’t set for a month.

Vampire: No, I am not receiving visitors. I’m not getting out of bed until autumn.

Juniper: But don’t worry so much! These are law-abiding bloodthirsty terrors of the night. Sure, the laws are more relaxed on Sønheic soil . . . including their embassies . . . but they can’t . . . ah . . . You know what, let me look up the specifics.

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Yeah, because anyone with that much money and power cares about the local laws.

You might, if it’s all that stands be tween you and stab happy vampire hunters.

Especially if one of the laws read “breaking any law forfeits immunity,” meaning they are handed to the local law-enforcement first – and while the vamps may have bribed every Sonheim judge, I’ll bet Seannis law reads something like “stake and sunbathe the sucker on sight” XD

Anyone recognize the term “black ribboners”? They certainly agreed with “SmallAustrianVillage”. Really like the way that was explained in (I think it was titled) “Truth”.

Sorry, I never got into the Discworld books. Is that pretty much the terms of black Ribboners?

The Black Ribbon Society was a group of vampires trying to abstain from drinking blood. Like a temperance movement, but toothier.

Fascinating. What do they imbibe instead?

Hot cocoa, apparently. At least in Ankh-Morpork.

The L-Space wiki doesn’t mention what they substitute in Uberwald.

Lady Margolotta of Überwald feeds her addiction with political machinations, IIRC. But she’s pro-Vimes, so she’s one of the good ones.

That said, Black Ribboners undergoing an unusual level of stress have been known to need something juicy to sink their teeth into, e.g. an apple or beetroot.

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