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Volume 1 Cover – Final

Volume 1 Cover – Final published on 2 Comments on Volume 1 Cover – Final

True story: when I first got a proof copy from Whitlock/360 Digital, it used the original version of the cover. Printed colors come out different from on-screen colors, which, in this case, meant that “pleasantly atmospheric tint” came out as “stifling wash of magenta.”

So I softened it, sent an updated version, and okayed the full-on printing.

Not long afterward, I got an email from the print department saying “so, ah, we know you changed the text in the new file, but there’s been a serious color shift too — did you do that on purpose?”

And when I said yes, the reply was, and I quote, “Great, we do like the new one better for sure.”

…so, yeah, maybe they would’ve said they “liked better” whichever version I said it was supposed to be, but it was encouraging! (And, listen, that’s some Good Customer Service that they were paying enough attention to notice.)

All Kickstarter preorders are now shipped, so you will get an immediate response if you order your own copy of Volume 1! Or get a copy of the ebook, for all the bonus art with none of the shipping costs.

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I LOVE my preorder book! Thank you for the fun Tiernan drawing as well. I want to buy a copy for my library: it has a section of books for “teen LGBTQ friendly books”

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