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Watching Over Me 10/29

Watching Over Me 10/29 published on 10 Comments on Watching Over Me 10/29

Thorn: No fighting! Not right now, at least. The tickets are going to the two of us who put on the best performance at that sparring session.

Rowan: Judged by you?

Thorn: Gosh, no. I want to see this as much as any of you — I’m not throwing away my shot. Judged by the one person who isn’t interested.

Unless I’m wrong, Juniper?

Juniper: No, sir. I still don’t like show tunes — I’ll be happy to do the honors.

Rowan: Are you sure? Have you heard all show tunes?

Birch: I can play you some really good ones if you want.

Peach: It’s quite a smart, well-written show!

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called it

Well, not this specifically, but that they were out of the running. Poor Juniper, though. The others are gonna try bribe them, aren’t they?

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