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Watching Over Me 1/29

Watching Over Me 1/29 published on 4 Comments on Watching Over Me 1/29

Audio: Look, I won’t ask what else you’re working on . . . but I’m not buying flowers that probably come with bugs. Leif, we need tphdlksshh

Translation: Look, I do not want to ask what else you’re working on . . . But I’m not buying flowers likely to come with insects.

Sigvard: After that moment of static, the data cuts out completely. We could send it to the home office for further analysis, but I bet they’d find the same. Frankly, it’s as if the device was turned off.

Sigrún: You’re Leif’s manager, Ludolf. Could he have known he was tapped?

Ludolf: I’m sure he assumed. We train the servants to expect it.

But he doesn’t have the authority to disable it, or the technical skills to hack it. He still regularly asks for help to program the workroom coffee machine.

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For those who want a quick refresher, here’s just after the signal stopped.

I know this’ll sound like I’m apoligising for Sonheim’s practices, but I’m glad Manager Ludoff is putting forward the narrative of ‘Leif knew he was being surveilled, but doesn’t know how to turn it off.’

That said, I’ve no expectation of this just blowing over as ‘technical fault’, especially since That day involved not one but TWO interventions on the part of our lovely lady in shadow, known in the tags as Woman in Black, and a Future!Thorn wishing he could prevent something in his past self’s near-future (page 27, Summer Sunshine).

From the standpoint of the tech and Capt. Sigurn the fact is that Leif is continually in the company of a foreign national and now has had surveillance gear placed on his person deactivated. If Sonheim is as paranoid as they’re portrayed Sigurn and the tech will probably suspect that Leif is in danger of showing disloyal sympathies and will undertake an investigation on him, especially since everyone keeps going on about how his debt will never be repaid. In fact, the manager acting like this is very odd, since right now Leif is getting the highest compliment you can pay to an agent.

“He’s not smart enough to be a spy.”

From that angle, I’d have to agree. That IS a compliment for a spy.

Of course, that could be what Woman in Black is counting on. it would be so easy for all Sønska surveillance equipment to simply… Fritz up, then fail around Leif when in Central, but be in perfect working order after that.

Why mess with Leif specifically? Summer Sunshine page 5,
D: Do you have some particular interest in one of those boys?
WiB: You have no idea.

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