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Watching Over Me 18/29

Watching Over Me 18/29 published on 12 Comments on Watching Over Me 18/29

Thorn: !!

Oh — hello! Are you another one of the gardeners?

Katya: No, Sir Thorn . . . I’m here to see you.

Specifically, to see that all you guard stations get your refills of tissues and hand sanitizer.

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*Takes out testing kit, wearing MOPP gear* Okay, full NBCR tests on these materials coming up.

Acronyms expanded for others,
MMOP- Mission-Oriented Protective Posture.
NBCR- Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Radiological ((That last R is new to me. ))

It would be extraordinarily sloppy of Sønheim to attack foreign nationals in this way inside-ish their own embassy.

The last we saw of Sønheim Embassy Management, they were talking about using Leif as a spy, if they can find a “goal” with enough ” emotional weight ” to offset Leif’s guilt over hurting someone he cares about.

My vote’s on Katya subverting juuuust enough orders to get a message to Thorn.
I’m pretty sure that Katya is maybe not totally down with self-sacrifice to the same extent as Leif, so maybe she’s trying to warn Thorn about it while working within the system.

I second Khyrin’s vote, as I thought it was obvious Katya is trying to get a message to Thorn.

She might think he may care about Leif enough to be an ally in whatever she’s trying to do. She’s far more practical and genre-savvy than Leif is, so she would end up being a help to Thorn as well. It would be interesting if these two teamed up to fight the system in some way!

Absolutely! Leif and Katya platonic spy buddies from opposed world powers AU?

Though Thorn ‘fighting the system’ puts me in the mind of Dorfl, the first Golem to work for the Ank-Morpork City Guard. The entirety of his paycheck goes to buying other Golems to set them free, and then they, in turn, work to set yet more Golems free.

Aaand now I’m imagining Golem! Thorn rampaging about and shouting

I should go to bed.

I don’t think she is subverting orders. I think they didn’t realized she might interfere in their plan with Leif and needs to be ordered not to and she’s making sure they don’t realize she interfered later either.

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