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Watching Over Me 20/29

Watching Over Me 20/29 published on 7 Comments on Watching Over Me 20/29

– Within scope of security station audio recording
– Out of scope of security station video recording

Thorn (sigining): My job/duty is to protect all those at the Embassy.

Katya: ??? xxxx??x you ????? xx ?xx?? sign(?) xx xxxxx ?? xxxx ???x?

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Either Thorn is still learning, of Katya just used a LOT of filthy words.

I’m pretty sure at least part of it was “You know sign!?”

Also, She prolly signed too fast for Thorn to follow. I’m guessing he picked it up after Summerfest.

That is what I have found when I have spoke different languages to native speakers. You say/demonstrate that you know a little bit of their language and they (unintentionally I am sure) instantly go at a speed that assumes you are a native speaker like them.

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