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WiB-Delphinium-Thorn Fusion: Bloodshot Iolite

WiB-Delphinium-Thorn Fusion: Bloodshot Iolite published on 7 Comments on WiB-Delphinium-Thorn Fusion: Bloodshot Iolite

Now that I’ve done the Thorn/Delphinium fusion, and the Woman In Black fusions, it’s time for them to triple up.

Snowflake Obisidan + Bloodstone + Sapphire = Bloodshot Iolite. A giantess with fabulous hair, who appears out of the shadows in times of greatest need. If she wasn’t magically unmemorable, she’d be unforgettable.

Woman in Black: I know you two don’t like each other, but we can’t win this unless we fuse!
Agent D: Mmhmm.
Thorn: …okay, I know Bloodstone, but who are you again?

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I just realized, in SU canon, to get Obsidian, you need to fuse four gems, (technically five counting Garnet as two) one of which is a diamond/half-diamond, but you can get a Snowflake Obsidian directly out of the kindergarten. Huh.

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