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WiB-Leif-Thorn Fusion: Blue Sea Glass

WiB-Leif-Thorn Fusion: Blue Sea Glass published on 6 Comments on WiB-Leif-Thorn Fusion: Blue Sea Glass

Finally figured out that the monsterfusion aesthetic I needed for Blue Sea Glass was “full-on mermaid.”

Walking is awkward, but ze’s part Sapphire, so ze can fly.

Snowflake: I’ll fight off the corrupted Gems. You stay back here and keep Leaf Pearl safe!

Leaf: I don’t want to just stay here. I have no idea who that Gem is, but it feels like we should help her!
Sapphire: I feel the same way. But you’re not going out there alone.

And so…

Keyite: I’m here to help, Gem in Black!
Snowflake: Whoa — you remembered I was out here?
Keyite: I actually forgot during the run over — but then I turned a corner and saw you and figured it out!

Keyite: Do you think your “memory problem” will stop if we…fuse?
Snowflake: Y-yes! Temporarily, but yes!
Keyite: …Have I asked you about that before?
Snowflake: Surprisingly, no!

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Aaah man I’ve been watching you on dA for…at least two years, but probably more like three or four? And I’ve always been interested in your webcomic but just never had time to sit down and read through it. But a couple days ago I finally got too curious, sat down to start, and blew through the archives in less than a day. XD I just love…everyone. Especially Bramble.

ANYWAY I really like this design, although the leg-tail does confuse me. But I’ve not watched SU, so that’s probably why I don’t get it. I really love the weapon though.

Congratulations on catching up! (What did you start watching me on DA for?)

You’re in luck, Bramble’s getting a bit of a reappearance in a couple of months =) And everyone else will continue to be lovable, of course.

SU fusions are just like that sometimes. (There’s one in canon who’s an arm-centaur.)

I’m bad at replying, oops. I think I started following you for WTNV stuff, but I fell waaay behind on the podcast and then never finished it/got back to it. One thing I think specifically was when the theory was going around that Carlos was the Magic School Bus Carlos, and I saw the picture you did with Cecil and Ms. Frizzle. And then I think I branched into your Sailor Moon art and the stuff you did for The Daily Show/Colbert Report. And then you started the “Your Ship Is Fine” series some years later and I was so happy to see it. ANYWAY sorry for rambling.

That’s so awesome, I can’t wait to see him again 😀

That makes sense. Sounds both cool and terrifying. I’ll have to look it up.

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