Find Your Heartsword Type

If you lived in the Leif & Thorn universe, what form of heartsword would be the shape of your soul?

Take this handy quiz and find out.

1. You wrote a book that got picked up by a publisher, and it's about to be released! Your agent is asking you what kind of promotional strategy you would most like to go with.

2. You've been assigned to do a project with a new co-worker, who you're supposed to train to do part of the work. You're doing your best to teach them, but they don't seem to be getting it.

3. You're a hero who's been captured by a supervillain, but instead of killing you, they invite you to work for them! When you refuse, they pull back a curtain to reveal the one thing that's most likely to change your mind...

4. Someone has played an embarrassing prank on you in public. You're not hurt and you don't think anyone means any harm, but lots of people laugh at you. What do you do?

5. What do you give yourself the hardest time about? Not necessarily your biggest failing, just the kind that bothers you the most.

6. A visiting relative gives you some cash. Just for fun, it's inside a small plastic puzzle box, and you can't figure out how to solve it right away.

7. Your friend makes a mistake at work -- nothing dangerous, but it slows down productivity for a while. Your boss starts talking to people in private, eventually including you, and asks if you know what happened.

8. Years ago, a former roommate stole some money from you and never got in trouble for it. Just recently, they got arrested for stealing a similar amount -- but this time they're innocent, and only you can prove it.

9. You have a dear friend who's estranged from all but one of their relatives. One day they tell you a "funny childhood story" in which it becomes clear that this one relative also treated them badly, but they don't seem to realize it.

10. Your friend invites a bunch of people to come to their thesis-defense party. One of the guests declines, saying they'll be out of town that whole week. However, the day before the party, you see them eating at their usual coffee place.

11. You find a wallet on an empty street, with a small amount of money and no ID inside. You look around for a possible owner, but there's nobody in sight. What do you do?

12. A supervillain has tied up 5 people and left them on some train tracks! As you watch from a faraway control room, a train barrels toward them. The only useful switch on your control panel would divert the train to an alternate track -- which only has 1 person tied up across it.

13. Have you been picking genuine answers here, or are you picking the ones you think make you seem the most cool and impressive?

14. Are you a human?


Quiz code borrowed from the now-defunct Muted Faith, modified with details from The Almighty Guru.