Sketchbook: Time Sparkles

Sketchbook: Time Sparkles published on 4 Comments on Sketchbook: Time Sparkles

We finally have a face reveal for the Time Mage! Her current incarnation has dwarfism. She keeps to herself a lot, so most average people don’t know her face, but it’s popularly known that she’s tiny. The background here is what the nowhere voidspace in See Her Again would look like, if I turned off… Continue reading Sketchbook: Time Sparkles

Sketchbook: Volume 5 Cast Banner

Sketchbook: Volume 5 Cast Banner published on 2 Comments on Sketchbook: Volume 5 Cast Banner

Promotional banner for the Leif & Thorn Volume 5 print campaign! We’re going live any day now. Follow the link and click the “Notify me on launch” button, to make sure you don’t miss it. This year’s rainbow cast lineup includes Hermosa, Ragnild, Pascentia, Chartreuse, Kahu, and Valrún. (The servants in the vampire flashback are… Continue reading Sketchbook: Volume 5 Cast Banner