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Exclusive: Balsam Legal, page 3

Exclusive: Balsam Legal, page 3 published on 2 Comments on Exclusive: Balsam Legal, page 3
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Fun Fact! If you get a traditional train off the rails somehow, You main issues will be:
1- if the ground is too soft, your wheels will just bury themselves.
2- if the ground is hard, trains depend on the tracks for directional stability, so you’ll probably jackknife pretty quickly.
3: Either way, you’re gonna mess up the wheels, since the ‘rim’ isn’t meant to take weight, it’s there to keep the weight-bearing part ON THE RAIL.

However, Ceannic trains seem to be maglev (or perhaps just regular ‘lev, since they have magic?) given how these train tracks look… so they may fair slightly better if you DO manage to get them off the tracks, assuming you can keep it from grounding itself.

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