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HAMMERED! Page 8 – End

HAMMERED! Page 8 – End published on 10 Comments on HAMMERED! Page 8 – End
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ok but the moon lamp made me melt. ACCEPTING THORN’S CULTURAL BITS BECAUSE THEY’RE IMPORTANT…that’s growth.

Leif not just accepting the cultural bits when they’re in front of him, but having a fantasy sequence and specifically remembering which items would be important!

There’s a reason I picked that panel for the “Bonus Strips” icon in the navigation =D

I do like that these show up in the rss feed with a padlock image, so it’s clear it’s a patreon thing and I don’t get my hopes up too much. have you considered putting [patreon] in the title too? (still debating whether to change up my patreon budget… or rather, I’m 90% convinced but making changes is stressful and I keep having more urgent things to spend spoons on)

I don’t want to put “Patreon” specifically in the titles, because it’s possible I’ll switch to a different monthly-support service one day, and I don’t want to have to go back and change every title individually, you know?

No matter when you get around to it, the patronage will be appreciated!

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