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Bonus Comics: Coming in 2022

Bonus Comics: Coming in 2022 published on 6 Comments on Bonus Comics: Coming in 2022

Calyx and their bunny, welcoming you to the new Bonus Comics track.

All posts will be available to Patreon subscribers at $5/month and above! Become a regular supporter to see them all the moment they’re posted.

If you can’t afford an ongoing subscription…I totally sympathize. Feel free to drop in once or twice a year and just catch up on the backlog.

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I just joined Patreon, and now I’m logged in through Patreon (the little bar at the top is showing my name and all that) and this post is still locked for me. Clicking Unlock Now just takes me back here without doing anything.

Since these posts are on an independent website instead of on Patreon itself, the servers need a little time to sync up! Give it a few hours — your permissions should all be updated by then.

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