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Off-Shoots Sketchbook: Hot chocolate

Off-Shoots Sketchbook: Hot chocolate published on 2 Comments on Off-Shoots Sketchbook: Hot chocolate
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I personally like the Off-Shoots comics as they are, but I can see how for you it’s a heavy serving on an already full plate. Do what you feel is right, don’t overburden yourself. And if you want to attract some more subscribers, then maybe it’s an idea to put Off-Shoots to the side for a moment and draw something again for Leif & Thorn After Dark. Last time I checked, that site hasn’t been updated for years. But of course, that depends whether or not you’re interested to do some NSFW stuff.

I do like them, but I don’t comment much in general and felt weird commenting when nobody else already has 🙂 and I worry that the comments will be spoilers.
plus I’d like them more if frigging patreon didn’t make me frigging log in every time. and I was trying to click the fake login button inside the image again today.

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