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Short Stories

All stories are included with a $5-or-more Patreon subscription!

These are standalone AUs, which means they’re totally readable whether or not you follow the Leif & Thorn webcomic. (But there’s extra fun in it if you do.)

And by “all”, I know I mean “one”. There’ll be more here eventually.

All Downhill From Here

13,000 words of fantasy survival hurt/comfort m/m.

A diplomatic conference is derailed by an avalanche, leaving native groundskeeper Leif and visiting knight Thorn buried together in the snow. Romantic tension, divided loyalties, malfunctioning magic, and hungry vampires.

If you buy the story on one site but also want a format from the other, get in touch and I’ll hook you up.

Illustrated version on Paypal ($1.99):

Same illustrated version ($2):
ADFH on Gumroad

Ebook-friendly formats ($1.99):
ADFH on Smashwords

Drabbles & Ficlets

Random flashfics, written in response to Tumblr prompts, Patreon requests, and more.

Maybe one day I’ll get them all archived on the main site. In the meantime, at least they’re all linked.

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