Alternate Universes

Read about the characters from Leif & Thorn in different universes. In order of the first page's appearance in strip.

Vampire Hunter Thorn

Read: Vampire Hunter Thorn

In which Thorn is the vampire hunter known as Thorn the Extremely Nice, and saves Leif from a vampire feasting on him.

Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE!

Read: Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE!

In which Thorn is part of an away team, and Leif is an alien he finds on an Sønheim Empire.

Organic Co-Op

Read: Organic Co-Op

In which Thorn works at the Chalice Foods Market, and Leif works for Embassy mining. Set in a universe very close to our modern day.

The One Where They're House Pets

Read: The One Where They're House Pets

In which Thorn is a dog (a shaggy mutt), and Leif is a cat (a very-nearly-purebred Maine Coon), reenacting some of the first few storylines.

Arranged Royal Marriage

Read: Page 1 Page 2

In which Prince Thorn is in an arranged marriage to princess Ragnild.

Magical Thorn

Read: Magical Thorn: Act 1 Magical Thorn: Act 2 Magical Thorn: Act 3 Magical Thorn: Act 4 Magical Thorn: Act 5

In which Thorn is a high school boy who's actually a magical-boy, with Tiernan as his sidekick. Transforms into Magical Ultra Star Knight Thorn, a water mage. Leif is a student on a work-study program.

Fake News

Read: Fake News

In which Leif Serpolet hosts the Daily Show, and Thorn has the spinoff - “The Estragon Condition”.

The AU That's Got Religion

Read: The AU That's Got Religion

In which Thorn is a Iuilic scholar making a study of foreign religious practices, and Leif is a devotee in a Hall of Dómari.


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