A list of animals that have appeared in the comic so far.

There's a lot of overlap with the real world (see the end of the page), but other creatures don't have a real-world counterpart, or put a fantastical twist on them.

Animal soulbonding with humans is a treatment for certain kinds of intense trauma.


The Wyrm of Ruraidh and Thorn Not quite a distinct species, but what happens when Bad Magical Things happen to raptors. Lots of feathers.


A ponyfish in an aquarium Ponyfish, like the hippocampus, look like a cross between a horse and a fish. The front half has an equine head, a mane, and hooved legs; the back half has a fin along the spine, and a large fish tail. Covered in scales, and can grow to the size of a large sea bass.


Golden puffball Fluffy, pocket-size family of rodents. Like hamsters or gerbils, but even more spherical.

Sea serpents

The sea serpent that sunk the Margaid Similar to dragons, when eels and other marine life swallow too many aggressive spirits. The largest sea serpent on record sunk the Margaid.


Caoimhe and her foal No horses in this world, only their intelligent, horned counterparts. Vampires have bred them to match their aesthetic, with black coats, spikes, and pointy tails.

  • Caoimhe: Thorn's mount, now retired. Pronounced kay-vuh.
  • Caelan: Caoimhe's foal.


A winter fox after attacking something A monstrous canine that lives in the snowy wilds of Sønheim. It's said that once it's tasted something's blood, it won't rest until it's killed it.

People who don't live in the North often assume that the winterfox is a myth, or at the very least that it can't possibly be as vicious as the stories say.

Fantasy Variants


Tiernan looking adorable in her bed Have large ears and long hair, in shades of blue, purple, brown, and yellow.


Diarmad Horned. Different breeds are bred for different shapes and sizes of horns. Horns can be sexually dimorphic for breeds.


A rock pigeon Many of the names overlap with our world, but there are different varieties and color schemes. Several species, mostly predators, also have fanged beaks and claws on their wings. Pink Spotted Owlgull

  • Crested raptor: The breed Juniper would have as a daemon.
  • Duck: Has fangs and claws. Known for being small but vicious. Memetic like a honey badger.
  • Island duck: Mild-mannered, clawless, miniature variety from Tamapoa.
  • Pink spotted owlgull (right): Fluffy breed with a pink & white colour scheme. Very cute.
  • Rock Pigeon (left): A handsome raptor from the polar coasts of Sønheim. Note the beak. Has claws on their wings.
  • Spectacled owl: The breed Thorn would have as a daemon.
  • Fallon: Laurel Cerise's familiar.


Rabbit Similar to our world, but wings and tail feathers. Considered an invasive species in the United Islands for over-grazing the local plants.


Crown tamarin Share a common ancestor with both humans and Tamaputians.

  • Crown tamarin: Similar to the emperor tamarin, but with a golden color scheme.


Dusky poodle moth Larger and sturdier than our world.

  • Dusky poodle moth: All-black version of the poodle moth.


A Monarch Skate Skates, like this monarch skate, have patterns similar to butterfly wings from our world on the back of their enlarged fins.


Barred flying squirrel Similar to our world, but flying squirrels have feathered and bird-patterned wings.

As seen in our world


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