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 =====Fantasy Variants===== =====Fantasy Variants=====
 ====Cats==== ====Cats====
-[[http://​leifandthorn.com/​comic/​an-incredibly-platonic-storyline-264/​|{{:​16-7-18-tiernan.png?​direct&​100 |Tiernan looking adorable in her bed}}]] ​Only [[http://​leifandthorn.com/​comic/​family-dinner-214/​|seen]] ​in shades of blue, with large ears, and long hair+[[http://​leifandthorn.com/​comic/​an-incredibly-platonic-storyline-264/​|{{:​16-7-18-tiernan.png?​direct&​100 |Tiernan looking adorable in her bed}}]] ​Have large ears and long hair, [[http://​leifandthorn.com/​comic/​family-dinner-214/​|in shades of blue,]] brown, and [[http://​leifandthorn.com/​comic/​a-night-to-remember-11-33/​|yellow.]]
   * **[[http://​leifandthorn.com/​character/​tiernan/​|Tiernan]]:​** Thorn'​s soulbonded therapy cat.   * **[[http://​leifandthorn.com/​character/​tiernan/​|Tiernan]]:​** Thorn'​s soulbonded therapy cat.
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