Everyone from Ceannis who isn't covered under Thorn, Knights, Thorn's family, Mages, or Historical.

Ceannic Government

The civilians who administer the knights. See also government mages.

Olive Romarin

Appearances: Olive Romarin

President of Ceannis. Everybody’s boss. Has led the country through dealing with multiple nationwide crises, and also two Kolpovision wins.

Might seem overly chirpy and easily distracted, but has well honed instincts and a wealth of experience from being a long-runner.

  • Ethnicity: Getsunese
  • Age (first appearance, this incarnation): 25
  • Age at election (this incarnation): 20
  • Likes: Pie, dismantling the legacies of her political rivals, being underestimated
  • Dislikes: Kudzu, not getting to finish her pie

Woman in Black

Appearances: Woman in Black

Who? I don’t remember anyone like that in this comic.

Although someone who's impossible to remember could be a particularly effective agent in the Secret Order of Monster Hunters.

And isn't it odd that Delphinum so rarely has a partner?

The WiB's unmemorability covers all her personal information, and all the details of any encounter with her, in-person as well as over calls or video chats. People will simply remember a version of the scene that didn't include her. Details that would reveal a continuity error are vague and confused; actual photos or videos will come out blurry and scrambled.

If she needs to convey some information long-term, it's easier to remember when it's written or text-based. Except for, again, personal information, which people won't be able to grasp even when they're staring at the words.

  • Ethnicity: ??
  • Age (first appearance) ¿¿
  • Likes: ???, ¿¿¿, ????
  • Dislikes: ¿¿¿¿, ???, ¿¿¿

Kale Romarin

Appearances: Kale Romarin

Translator. Cranky and sarcastic. Prefers to be left alone. Killed some people, under circumstances he doesn't like to talk about.

He has a soulbond with his dog, Niamh, to help with hallucinations; and government-mandated therapy to help with everything else. Not really optimistic that he deserves a redemption arc, but he's at least doing the work.

Kale's apartment is on the first floor of Thorn's building, and as circumstances keep throwing them together, he's been making friends with Thorn in spite of himself.

  • Ethnicity: Aibreán
  • Age (first appearance): 32
  • Likes: Sunglasses, long sleeves, his dog, Thorn
  • Dislikes: Crushing on people who are taken, feeling helpless, general human interaction


Appearances: Briony

Presidential archivist. Has the same role in the Space AU, just more high-tech.

  • Ethnicity: Feabhric
  • Age (first appearance): 24

Agent D10

Appearances: Agent D10

Talented secret agent, who has a frenemy-type rivalry with Agent Delphinium. Genderqueer (they), married, prone to boasting about their husband Hermosa as much as their own skills – which include acting, knife-wielding, and contact juggling. Their sister is Sir Pascentia, and their wallet name is Dexippus “Dexie” Zikos.

Has a specialty for cases that involve dark mages. Wears half-moon glasses, dapper vests, and makeup/jewelry/fancier clothes when off-duty (or undercover).

  • Ethnicity: United Islander
  • Age (first appearance): 32

Senator Lysidice Argyros

Appearances: Senator Lysidice Argyros

Wife of Peach Pescher-Argyros. Fell for each other when Peach was her bodyguard.

  • Ethnicity: United Islander


Survivors trapped in mine collapse. They were accompanied by two Sønska consultant miners, and the fire mage Bramble.

Minor/unnamed relatives are tagged under mine families.

Annie Persil

Appearances: Annie Persil

Gem miner, don’cha know. “Annie” is short for Anise. Engaged to, and then married to, Birch Persil.

Friendly, polite, enjoys long winters and deep-fried foods, talks in a fantasy-Midwestern accent. She’s one of the calmest and most-stable people on her team…although it might not be a good thing that she doesn’t get angry, even when she probably should.

There’s no single consistent design for her tattoos (upper left arm + left hip), because they shift and bloom throughout the day.

  • Ethnicity: Aibreán
  • Age (first appearance): 30
  • Likes: Geodes, swing dance, fresh air, cute boys, cute girls
  • Dislikes: Secondhand embarrassment, enclosed spaces

Cress Fenouil

Appearances: Cress Fenouil

Miner, would-be lawyer, anger issues. Has vitiligo. Married to actual lawyer Violet.

  • Ethnicity: Aibreán

Gil Dumas

Appearances: Gil Dumas

Miner, very high-strung. (It's short for Gillyflower.)

  • Ethnicity: Aibreán/Bealtic

Manager Marjolaine

Appearances: Manager Marjolaine

Mine shift leader. Nice mustache.

  • Ethnicity: Aibreán

Pine Dulac

Appearances: Pine Dulac

Miner, soft-spoken, has wings.

  • Ethnicity: Feabhric

Hyacinth's school

Teachers and fellow-students of Hyacinth Lavande.

Also includes teenage furries Tilda Vossmark (Sønska, 14) and Longan Persil (Aibreán/United Islander, 15).

Sugar Pommier

Appearances: Sugar Pommier

Science teacher of Hyacinth's.

  • Ethnicity: Iuilic
  • Age (first appearance): 44

Angelica Thatcher

Appearances: Angelica

Elegant goth teenager. Hyacinth’s friend.

  • Ethnicity: Aibreán/Getsunese
  • Age (first appearance): 15


Appearances: Hazel

Dapper goth teenager. Writer and artist. Hyacinth finds her morbid story ideas completely enchanting.

Has magic-resistant joint inflammation, suppressed as much as possible by two medical microchips: one in the back of her neck that also does pain management, and one in her hip that also does ovary regulation.

  • Ethnicity: Iuilic
  • Age (first appearance): 15

Vine Fenouil

Appearances: Vine Fenouil

Morose goth teenager. Hyacinth’s friend. Recently-out trans boy, indecisive about his name.

  • Ethnicity: Aibreán
  • Age (first appearance): 14

Stage and Screen

Performers and technicians. Mostly associated with Burnspoint, the heart of the Ceannic acting industry.

Archie Stavros

Appearances: Archie Stavros

Head writer and showrunner of MCLIS. His full name is Archarius. On the net he goes by the username SnowJar, inspired by a decoration he keeps in his office.

  • Ethnicity: United Islander

Bennet Amande

Appearances: Bennet Amande

Extremely important broadcast journalist. Slow News Day chronicles his radio show.

  • Ethnicity: Aibreán
  • Age (first appearance): 42

Lynwood Merdhuile

Appearances: Lynwood Merdhuile

Writer and star of Leachtric.

  • Ethnicity: Feabhric

Rhododendron Muscade

Appearances: Rhododendron Muscade

One of Rowan Muscade's younger siblings. “Rhodey” for short. Twin of Rosie Muscade. Works on Leachtric.

  • Ethnicity: Aibreán
  • Age (first appearance): 10
  • Age (first non-flashback appearance): 24

Rosie Muscade

Appearances Rosie Muscade

One of Rowan Muscade's younger siblings. Twin of Rhododendron Muscade. Costume designer for Leachtric.

  • Ethnicity: Aibreán
  • Age (first appearance): 10
  • Age (first non-flashback appearance): 24

Hedge & Grassie

Appearances: Hedge Dubois and Grassie Amande

Legendary comediennes. Happily married, eventually with two adopted children. They're both still alive (though very old) when Thorn kills the dragon – they send him flowers in the hospital.

Got their start as the stars of an early crystal-broadcast sitcom, where they play fictionalized versions of themselves. (See Hedge and Grassie for their co-stars, and other characters on the show.) Later, did a “Grassie for President” special.

Hedge is Iuilic. She goes by a stage name; her obviously-Iuilic birth name, which Grassie uses, is Nance Grusadrevo. Plays the straight-woman to Grassie's comedy. Usually wears dapper suits, and is frequently seen carrying a joint.

Grassie is Aibreán. Spends most of her free time studying scripts, because her lines are dense and complicated and always have to be exactly right. Not as dotty in real life as on-screen, though she certainly has her moments. Surprisingly matter-of-fact about meeting a time traveler.

Grassie's right arm and shoulder have burn scarring from a childhood potions accident. She's sensitive about the scars; she never wears backless or sleeveless clothing, and they don't become public knowledge for most of her life. Hedge/Nance knows, and is totally unbothered.


Birch's Parents

Appearances: Birch's Parents

Parents of Birch Persil. Mom and Dad #1 (the older) were married first, then picked up Dad #2 and decided to keep him. Been in a plural marriage all of Birch's life.

Blush Noisette Duval

Appearances: Blush Noisette Duval

New long-runner, reincarnated cross-racially.

  • Ethnicity: Getsunese (now), Feabhric (originally)
  • Age (first appearance, this incarnation): 5

Calyx Carvi

Appearances: Calyx Carvi

Nibling of Kudzu Carvi.

  • Ethnicity: Aibreán
  • Age (first non-AU appearance): 0

Cymbeline Dupont

Appearances: Cymbeline Dupont

Legal consul, Romarin Foundation. Long-runner, first born 450 years ago, previously incarnated as Radiance Cannelle. This is her fourth incarnation, as the biological sister of Violet Dupont.

  • Ethnicity: Feabhric (current & previous incarnation)
  • Age (first appearance, this incarnation): 2
  • Age (in general): 9 years younger than Violet


Appearances: Deliveryman

Unnamed deliveryman hired to delivery magic powder to Ragnild and Iona.

Also hired to deliver a surprise bouquet for Cedar Oseille.


Appearances: Florian

Cute bar guy. Unfortunate beliefs in aura pseudoscience. One of Rowan's dates.

  • Ethnicity: Aibreán/United Islander
  • Age (first appearance): 20

Helichrysum Glazier

Appearances: Dr. Glazier

Medical spelltech researcher. “Heli” for short, but only to her friends. Former employee of Northwind Prismaceuticals; now she's testifying against them. One of the victims of Kudzu Carvi.

  • Ethnicity: Getsunese
  • Age (first appearance): late 40's

Hermosa Zikos

Appearances: Hermosa Zikos

Handsome, brilliant, sensitive, wonderful, charming, thoughtful, generous, witty and kind husband of Dexippus Zikos. Previously a secret agent, he is currently recovering from a mission gone wrong.

Jasmine Menthe

Appearances: Jasmine Menthe

Emergency medical tech. Responds to in-field calls, along with other medical professionals.

  • Ethnicity: Aibreán
  • Age (first appearance): 23

Jasmine Sel

Appearances: Jasmine Sel

One of the aquarium guards injured during the attack. More-recently spotted in casual situations with Laceleaf.

  • Ethnicity: United Islander
  • Age (first appearance): 25

Kallie Neineikura

Appearances: Kallie Neineikura

Tiny adventurous kinkster, with a thing for “giants.” Name is short for Kaleo. Closest thing she has to a job is being a Crystalgram influencer. Confident in the face of change, comfortable going with the flow.

Headmate of Atarangi Neineikura and Kiki Neineikura.

  • Ethnicity: Tamaputian
  • Age (first appearance): mid 30's

Laceleaf L'hysope

Appearances: Laceleaf

Fish-loving aquarium tour guide. Targeted by an angry water-mage stalker.

  • Ethnicity: Aibreán
  • Age (first appearance): 26

Marula Boatman

Appearances: Marula Boatman

Very important lobbyist for the National Pie Council. Official endorsers of President Romarin.

  • Ethnicity: Getsunese
  • Age (first appearance): 32

Nigella Badiane

Appearances: Nigella Badiane

Manager at a local branch of the International House of Potions. Doesn't appreciate having to follow potionmaking safety regulations.

  • Ethnicity: Aibreán/Getsunese
  • Age (first appearance): 34

Violet's Parents

Appearances: Violet's parents

Parents of Violet Dupont and Cymbeline Dupont.

Mom (Aibreán) is a retail worker and Dad (Feabhric) is a security guard.

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