Ceannic Characters

Everyone from Ceannis who isn't covered under Thorn, Knights, Team Relatives, Mages, or Historical.

Ceannic Government

The non-magical civilians who work for the people of Ceannis, from elected officials to secret agents to everyday paper-pushers.

Knights (including the Secret Order of Monster Hunters) and government-employed mages both listed separately.

Olive Romarin

Olive Romarin In the comic: Olive Romarin

President of Ceannis. Everybody’s boss. Has led the country through dealing with multiple nationwide crises, and also two Kolpovision wins. Subject of a lot of ridiculous rumors.

Might seem overly chirpy and easily distracted, but has well honed instincts and a wealth of experience from being a long-runner.

  • Ethnicity: Getsunese
  • Age (first appearance, this incarnation): 25
  • Age at election (this incarnation): 20
  • Likes: Pie, dismantling the legacies of her political rivals, being underestimated
  • Dislikes: Kudzu, not getting to finish her pie
Major appearances
  • Homecoming: appoints Thorn and his team to guard the Embassy, after being reminded who he is
  • Performance Review: debates whether to keep Thorn at the Embassy, or whether the prophecy counts as fulfilled by now
  • The Perennials: seen in flashback, working at the Second Life Resource Center
  • AU: In SPACE!: Captain of Thorn's ship, the Sapphire


Briony In the comic: Briony

Presidential archivist. Has the same role in the Space AU, just more high-tech. In the audience for Kolpovision 3013.

Kale Romarin

Kale Romarin In the comic: Kale Romarin

Translator. Cranky and sarcastic. Prefers to be left alone. Claims he killed some people, under circumstances he doesn't like to talk about.

See Kale for his full profile (including spoilers).


Kale's soulbonded dog. See Niamh.

Senator Lysidice Argyros

Lysidice Argyros In the comic: Senator Lysidice Argyros

Wife of Peach Pescher-Argyros. Fell for each other when Peach was her bodyguard. Long-time representative in the Ceannic Senate. Lysidice is about 20 years older, so insert your own “cradle-robbing” jokes here.


Survivors trapped in mine collapse. They were accompanied by two Sønska consultant miners, and the fire mage Bramble.

Minor/unnamed relatives are tagged under mine families.

Annie Persil

Cress Fenouil

Cress Fenouil with Vi Fenouil In the comic: Cress Fenouil

Miner, would-be lawyer, anger issues. Has vitiligo. Married to actual lawyer Violet "Vi" Fenouil; they do great karaoke together.

After the rescue (and the trials), Cress becomes a law student; Vi gets pregnant; and they both keep in touch with Annie and Birch.

Gil Dumas

Gil Dumas In the comic: Gil Dumas

Miner, very high-strung. His name is short for Gillyflower. Panics a lot during the cave-in, and ends up in a relationship with Bramble, who helps him calm down. Does Annie's makeup for her wedding.

After the rescue, he and Bram go their separate ways, with Gil ending up as an above-ground rock wall attendant.

Manager Marjolaine

Manager Marjolaine In the comic: Manager Marjolaine

Mine shift leader when the cave-in happens. Makes sure everyone eats on a schedule. Nice mustache.

Last person to ride up in the rescue capsule; he takes a safety consultant position afterward.

Pine Dulac

Pine Dulac In the comic: Pine Dulac

Miner, soft-spoken. Has wings, which came in at 24; they're black, which is unusual.

Hyacinth's Classmates

Students who go to high school with Hyacinth Lavande.

Angelica Thatcher

Angelica Thatcher In the comic: Angelica Thatcher

Elegant goth teenager. Hyacinth’s friend.

  • Ethnicity: Aibrean/Getsunese
  • Age (first appearance): 15
  • Likes: elegant gothic lolita fashion, Mass Theft Portal
  • Dislikes: bright colors, not being the center of attention
Major appearances

Foxglove Vossmark

Foxglove Vossmark In the comic: Foxglove Vossmark

Furry cosplayer, excitable fanboy. He's trans, and not out at the start of the comic, but comes back from summer vacation with a new name and a new haircut.

Almost always seen in the company of Longan Persil.

  • Ethnicity: Sønheic
  • Age (first appearance): 14
  • Likes: animals (especially foxes), Sønheic animation, cosplay, crafting
  • Dislikes: being deadnamed, animation dubs that localize the original context, people who don't like foxes

Hazel Cherieshnya

Hazel In the comic: Hazel Cherieshnya

Dapper goth teenager. Writer and artist. Hyacinth finds her morbid story ideas completely enchanting. Has a good relationship with her two moms.

Hazel has magic-resistant joint inflammation, suppressed as much as possible by two medical microchips: one in the back of her neck that also does pain management, and one in her hip that also does ovary regulation.

  • Ethnicity: Iuilic
  • Age (first appearance): 15
  • Likes: dapper goth fashion, electropunk, dark art/fiction, Hyacinth
  • Dislikes: eye contact, makeup, unspoken rules
Major appearances

Longan Persil

Longan Persil In the comic: Longan Persil

Furry cosplayer, part-time convenience-store cashier. Almost always seen in the company of Foxglove Vossmark.

  • Ethnicity: Aibrean/United Islander
  • Age (first appearance): 15
  • Likes: animals (especially wolves), documentaries about cults and scams
  • Dislikes: cultists and scammers, people who don't like wolves

Vine Fenouil

Vine Fenouil In the comic: Vine Fenouil

Morose goth teenager. Hyacinth’s friend. Recently-out trans boy, indecisive about his name, although he seems to have settled on “Vine” out of admiration for Ivy Muscade.

Major appearances

Stage and Screen

Performers and technicians. Mostly associated with Burnspoint, the heart of the Ceannic acting industry.

Altissimo and Cadenza

Altissimo and Cadenza In the comic: Altissimo, Cadenza

Stylists and general-purpose assistants for Cedar Oseille. Another classic “pair of characters with matching designs, so it’s easy to remember they go together.”(Realistically, as a pop idol, Cedar should have a whole retinue of support staff…but these two will probably end up reoccurring a lot.)

Altissimo, in pink, is upbeat and likes giving people nicknames. Cedar is usually “Sparkles.”

Cadenza, in cream, is serious and data-driven. Firmly sees her job as marketing, not babysitting.

Archie Stavros

Archie Stavros In the comic: Archie Stavros

Head writer and showrunner of MCLIS. His full name is Archarius. On the net he goes by the username SnowJar, inspired by a decoration he keeps in his office.

A regular commenter on Rowan's MCLIS fan/critic blog, he reached out to offer some friendly company when Rowan's wings were growing in.

  • Ethnicity: United Islander
  • Age (debut): mid-30's
  • Likes: decorative things in jars
  • Dislikes: deadlines, budgets
Major appearances

Bennet Amande

Bennet Amande In the comic: Bennet Amande

Extremely important broadcast journalist. Slow News Day chronicles his radio show, where he interviews people on the street, complains about social issues like “how it's too easy to vote,” and gets starry-eyed over pink spotted owlgulls.

Spotted on-the-scene reporting during the aquarium attack, the mining rescue, and the Leachtric evacuation.

Lynwood Merdhuile

Lynwood Merdhuile In the comic: Lynwood Merdhuile

Writer and star of Leachtric. Interviewed Artie Carver about the experience of unexpectedly drawing a famous heartsword. Supportive of her young co-star Cedar Oseille.

Seen on-stage in costume during The Show Must Grow On (Act I), where she plays Leachtric, and escaping out-of-costume during Act II.

Rhododendron Muscade

Rosie Muscade

Hedge & Grassie

Hedge and Grassie In the comic: Hedge Dubois and Grassie Amande

Legendary comediennes. Happily married, eventually with two adopted children. They're both still alive (though very old) when Thorn kills the dragon – they send him flowers in the hospital.

Got their start as the stars of an early crystal-broadcast sitcom, where they play fictionalized versions of themselves. (See Hedge and Grassie for their appearances, co-stars, and other characters on the show.) Later, did a “Grassie for President” special.

Hedge is Iuilic. She goes by a stage name; her obviously-Iuilic birth name, which Grassie uses, is Nance Grusadrevo. Plays the straight-woman to Grassie's comedy. Usually wears dapper suits, and is frequently seen carrying a joint.

Grassie is Aibrean. Spends most of her free time studying scripts, because her lines are dense and complicated and always have to be exactly right. Not as dotty in real life as on-screen, though she certainly has her moments. Surprisingly matter-of-fact about meeting a time traveler.

Grassie's right arm and shoulder have burn scarring from a childhood potions accident. She's sensitive about the scars; she never wears backless or sleeveless clothing, and they don't become public knowledge for most of her life. Hedge/Nance knows, and is totally unbothered.

Sepal & Petal

Petal and Sepal In the comic: Sepal and Petal

Sepal and Petal are long-time partners who work as private security. One job they have had is working security for MCLIS following threats against head writer Archie Stavros.

Sepal is Sønheic. They wield a heart-broadsword and turns to Petal for advice on who to stab with it.

Petal is Aibrean. They are a magical girl with plant-themed powers, who has a voice like James Spader doing Alan Shore.


Balsam Harper

Balsam Harper In the comic: Balsam Harper

Recently-graduated law assistant. Heiress to the fortunes of the Harper's Fish Sauce (“It's the fishiest!”) culinary empire, but wants to put in the admin work, impress the named partners, and go out for drinks afterward.

Blush Noisette Duval

Blush Noisette Duval In the comic: Blush Noisette Duval

New long-runner, reincarnated cross-racially. Currently employed at the Second Life Resource Center in Ceannis. Dresses as her favorite act from the early years of Kolpovision.

Calyx Carvi

Calyx Carvi In the comic: Calyx Carvi

Nibling of Kudzu Carvi. Kept home and/or hospitalized most of the time by significant medical issues, in spite of regular healing from Kudzu's powers. Used to go by “he”, but was experimenting with “they” as of their death.

Cymbeline Dupont


Deliveryman In the comic: Deliveryman

Unnamed deliveryman who just can't catch a break.

Hired in I Got Eight Problems... to delivery magic powder to Ragnild and Iona.

Reappears in The Show Must Grow On (Overture), hired to deliver a (legitimate, this time) surprise bouquet for Cedar Oseille.

Florian Amande

Florian In the comic: Florian Amande

Cute bar guy. Unfortunate beliefs in aura pseudoscience, which torpedoed his date with Rowan Muscade. Seen in costume at Leachtric. Generally interested in dates with men and nonbinary people.

  • Ethnicity: Aibrean/United Islander
  • Age (first appearance): 20

Gentian Cornouiller

Gentian Cornouiller In the comic: Gentian Cornouiller

Stay-at-home artist and Ivy's nonbinary dad/parent, who had a difficult time with pregnancy. Child of Heath Cornouiller and spouse of Ebony Muscade.

Helichrysum Glazier

Dr. Glazier In the comic: Dr. Glazier

Medical spelltech researcher. “Heli” for short, but only to her friends. Former employee of Northwind Prismaceuticals; now she's testifying against them. One of the victims of Kudzu Carvi, with prosthetic eyes made from green crystals.

Hermosa Zikos

Jasmine Menthe

Jasmine Menthe In the comic: Jasmine Menthe

Emergency medical tech. Responds to in-field calls, along with other medical professionals.

Jasmine Sel

Jasmine Sel In the comic: Jasmine Sel

One of the aquarium guards injured during the attack. More-recently spotted in casual situations with Laceleaf.

Kallie Neineikura

Kiki Neineikura

Laceleaf L'hysope

Laceleaf In the comic: Laceleaf L'hysope

Fish-loving aquarium tour guide. Targeted by an angry water-mage stalker.

Lepida Clemens

Lepida Clemens In the comic: Lepida Clemens

Stable attendant for unicorns; last-minute guest to Thorn's Kolpovision party.

Marula Boatman

Marula Boatman In the comic: Marula Boatman

Very important lobbyist for the National Pie Council. Official endorsers of President Romarin. In an open marriage; seeks dates with women and nonbinary people.

Nigella Badiane

Nigella Badiane In the comic: Nigella Badiane

Manager at a local branch of the International House of Potions. Doesn't appreciate having to follow potionmaking safety regulations. Has an ill-fated date with Rowan Muscade; generally interested in dates with all genders.

Rue Després-Sel

Rue Després-Sel In the comic: Rue Després-Sel

Head of the spelltech “AI” company that produces Bitty Drones. Full of big promises about how they'll be a cheap and effective solution to all kinds of things…eventually, one day, in the future…as long as you keep giving him millions of crowns now.

Spreads his own hype as a “young prodigy” and “AI's golden boy.” Sure, he's a full-grown adult, but you don't let that get in the way of good marketing.

Sugar Pommier

Sugar Pommier In the comic: Sugar Pommier

Science teacher of Hyacinth's. Appreciates how Leachtric has gotten kids more interested in history.

Violet's Parents


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