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-Everyone ​from [[countries#​Ceannis]] who isn't covered under [[Thorn]], [[Knights]],​ [[Thorn'​s family]], [[Mages]], or [[Historical]].+herEveryone ​from [[countries#​Ceannis]] who isn't covered under [[Thorn]], [[Knights]],​ [[Thorn'​s family]], [[Mages]], or [[Historical]].
 ===== Ceannic Government ===== ===== Ceannic Government =====
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 ====Hermosa Zikos==== ====Hermosa Zikos====
 +<​html><​img src="​https://​leifandthorn.com/​wiki/​images/​cc-hermosa.png"​ alt="​Jasmine Menthe"​ class="​alignleft"></​html>​
 Appearances:​ [[http://​leifandthorn.com/​character/​hermosa-zikos/​|Hermosa Zikos]] Appearances:​ [[http://​leifandthorn.com/​character/​hermosa-zikos/​|Hermosa Zikos]]

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